FEMA matters and Valuations services

  • Foreign exchange policy is a serious issue while performing a business related to EXIM. If you are deal in the same than International taxation is a major factor that is interlinked with the foreign exchange management act.
  • To minimise the foreign exchange transaction related issues, a specific planning , valuations and FEMA consultancy is essential to cope up with the complexities of the foreign exchange laws and regulations.
  • We offer a reliable FEMA advisory & compliance services to the clients for the expansion of the business . We are as FEMA Consultants who help you to effective solutions for compliance with regulations of foreign exchange laws: We offer Consultancy on FEMA- Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 Provisions including Strategic Planning for foreign investments under the regulations of FEMA, a definite planning of business matters, transactions and agreements by following the FEMA guidelines, services to the procedures under the regulations of FEMA laws statutory Compliance , International Transactions Tax & Agreements- DTAA is a part of international taxation and FEMA. Thus, we provide effective solutions to the clients to reduce the overload of foreign transaction taxes and dual payment on the same income under the FEMA laws and Reserve Bank of India permission- Special permission is required from the RBI under the regulations of FEMA for e-filing, Forms & returns, foreign exchange tax filings etc, Project office, Liasoning office and branch office establishment in India under the FEMA Laws, compliance and procedures and External Commercial Borrowing- Borrowing from any individual Indian origin or Non-residents.